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A planet orbits its star in a circular orbit (uniform circular motion) of radius 1.62x10^11 m. The orbital period of the planet around its star is 37.0 years. Determine the following quantities for this orbital motion: Angular acceleration , Tangential acceleration, Radial acceleration, Angular velocity, and Tangential velocity

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    C = 2pi*r = 6.28 * 1.62*10^11 = 10.17*10^11m.

    Va = 1rev/37yrs * 6.28rad/rev = 0.1697rad/yr. = 9.73deg/yr = Angular velocity.

    Vt = 10.17*10^11m/rev * (1/37)rev/yr *
    (1/8760)yr/h = 3.138*10^6m/h = 3138km/h
    = Tangential velocity.

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