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1. When 20cm^3 of a gaseous Allene burns in an excess of oxygen, 60cm^3 of carbon dioxide are formed. Both volumes are measures at r.t.p.
What is the formula of alkene?
Is it C3H6 or C6H12 and why?

2. A student investigate the reaction of vegetable oil with hydrogen.
100cm^3 of hydrogen was bubbled through 1g samples of four different vegetable oils containing a suitable catalyst. The volume of hydrogen remaining after each experiment was recorded.

P(vegetable oil).  100cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
Q(vegetable oil).   87cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
R(vegetable oil).   63cm^3(vol of hydrogen remain)
S(vegetable oil).    0cm^3(vol of hydrogen)

Which vegetable oils are unsaturated? And why is it so?
A. P,Q,R
B.Q and R
C. Q,R,S
D.S only

Thanks so much! :)

  • Chemistry -

    2C3H6 + 7O2 => 6CO2 + 6H2O
    C6H12 9O2 ==> 6CO2 + 6H2O
    Start with 20 cc C3H6 and determine the volume of CO2 formed. Do the same with C6H12. Which gives 60 cc CO2. That's the one

    B. This one seems too simple. Which one (note I asked ONE) uses no hydrogen? Is that P. And all of the others use hydrogen? Then those must have added some hydrogen so they must be unsaturated?

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