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Ms. Sue or any other teacher I need your help.

This is what I wrote for my english essay about Diversity Means.

Diversity means the condition of being different. What good about it that you can ...

That's all I got like this is a intro. I need help writing the info. for it. What else should I write.

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    Laruen! We've given you several ideas!

    For instance how have you benefitted by having Haitian and Jamaican friends?

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    Well I just say hi then we talk and talk and that how we end up being friends.

    What good about it is that they have spanish and french classes which is good because so that way when you meet a french or a spanish person you can commucate with them. For servral schools they have ESL classes for students who cant speak english. What bad about it is that soemtimes you can't understand what the person saying since they can't speak english. People around the world have their own culture (then I explain about what is culture and stuff then give an example).

    Can I put THAT into my intro. (ignore the one on top I was answer your wuestion about my friends).

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    I'll try one more time to teach you about diversity.

    I don't know what your ethnic background is, but I assume it is neither Haitian nor Jamaican.

    You probably have a specific religion and celebrate special holidays. You and your family have favorite foods. Your native language is probably English. Is English the native language of your parents and grandparents?

    What religions do your Haitian and Jamaican friends follow? What holidays do they celebrate? What are their favorite foods? Is English their native language? Is English the native language of their parents?

    If you find some of these differences between you and your friends, then you've learned and benefitted from diversity.

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    btw Im haitain well a little just I don't speak creole Im part of the haitian family. My parents, uncules, aunts, cousins, (not siblings) speak creole. My friends speak creole or jamcian too to their family.

    The hoilday we all celebrate is chrsitmas, thanksgiving, some do halloween, some may celebrate kwanza. For chrsitmas we have a tration as haitians like we eat soup.

    They all speak english

    That's not the only thing I can talk about diversity their are others to like school and commuity. Pretty much the main thing about diversity is culture.

    I start writing (i just write a few deatils)

  • 7th Grade English -

    Can you give me the website of the authors that shows the list of the books they wrote. Please because I don't have that much internet so if you give me the sites it will be a faster way.

    Rosalind Wiseman books
    Terra Elan McVoy books
    Susane Colasanti books
    Elizabeth Scott books
    Wendelin Van Draanen books
    Laura Preble books
    Piper Banks books
    Melissa Kantor books
    Kate Brian books
    Katie Finn books
    Pamela Wells books
    Cathy Hopkins books
    Robin Palmer books
    Sandy Rideout Yvonne Collins , Sandy Rideout books
    Stephanie Perkins books
    Robin Benway books
    Kristin Walker books
    Juliana Farrell books

    I LOVE TO READ A LOT !!!!! :)

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    If I gave you the sites, then it wouldn't save ME time.

    Go go Google.com.

    Type Rosalind Wiseman in the search box.

  • 7th Grade English -

    I don't have that much interneT it most of the time goes SLOW!

  • 7th Grade English -

    never mind the books

    Diversity means the condition of being different. What good about it is that at school they have Spanish and French class which is good because so that way when you meet French or a Spanish person you can communicate with them and have fun learning the language. For several schools they have ESL classes for students who can’t speak English. What bad about it is that sometimes you can't understand what the person saying since they can't speak English. People around the world have their own culture, there’s music, clothes, languages, their beliefs, customs and rituals, food, dancing, and housing.

    like the intro :)

  • 7th Grade English -


    You can also include the many examples of diversity you see within a few miles of your home.

  • 7th Grade English -

    Thank You!!!

    Tomorrow I'll post my essay for you or any other teacher to edit or like check it if it's good to hand in.

  • 7th Grade English -

    Please do your very best to proofread it first.

    Read it out loud to make sure you haven't made any silly mistakes.

    Then we'll be glad to comment on it.

  • 7th Grade English -

    I know that I always do that

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