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A Man stands at the very top of the Sky Dump Stadium roof to pitch the opening ball for the Blew Jaws game. He slips a bit left of the centre and slides down along the frictionless roof surface as shown. For what vertical distance, measured from the ground, will he slide before leaving the roof? Assume the roof has a circualr cross section of radius 125 m.

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    Sample Problem 8-36 Solution
    go to thw website

    h t t p : / / a s t r o 1 . p a n e t . u t o l e d o . e d u / ~ t k v a l e / p h y s 2 1 3 0 / f a l l 2 0 0 4 / C h a p t e r 0 8 - 4 . p d f

    it doesnt let me put the website on so i spaced between each letter just delete the spaces or in google type "A boy is seated on top of a hemispherical ice mound of radius
    R = 13.8m. Starting from rest, he begins to slide down the
    mound. At what height does he lose contact with the mound?
    Assume frictionless conditions."

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