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This is my first time using Jishka. Well, registering and using the site. I have checked the site when researching class topics we are learning. I don’t think I really have a question but I am looking for clarity of something for class. I just want to make sure that I have the correct understanding of meiosis and mitosis. In humans, mitosis is important because it produces the identical chromosomes that are in our DNA. Meiosis is important because it multiplies the number of cells with cell division, and reduces the number of chromosomes in each daughter cell by half the number before meiosis. If I do not have this correct, can you please tell me what I am not grasping about the importance of mitosis and meiosis in humans.

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    Welcome! Although we do not DO the homework for you, we HELP. Here are some sites to look at for verification of what you have so far:


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    I was not asking for my homework to be done. I was simply asking if I had the correct understanding of mitosis and meiosis. I didn't even put the question into my post from my homework. I thought this was a website to help people with their homework, etc. I have read other posts where someone would ask if they were correct and given an answer, I think that is a little unfair

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    I don't mean to sound ungrateful because this website has really helped me a lot..The first time I posted a question, which was not even an assignment question but to make sure I had the correct understanding of the material I was learning I was told we do not do the homework for you but will help. I have see responses to questions on this site which is doing homework for students. I know because they are questions I have had in previous courses. You would think when someone comes on here and says they would like clarification that someone would offer to help them, instead of saying we do not do the homework for you.

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