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after u guys check the site and you reply the post about what I ask for also what title should I think of for my piece since Im drawing a japanese person for the pta reflection contest this I cant think of any

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    I don't understand the first part of your post.

    I can't begin to suggest a title for your piece because I haven't seen the drawing.

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    its a japanse girl like a managa drawing

    google manga drawings for images and then on the left side corner u'll c the kind of picture something like that but different

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    google PTA - About Reflections

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    How can you tie in your drawing with the theme, "Diversity means . . ."?

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    like my art teacher said that it also have something to do with culture to so i can draw any reglious person so im drawing a japanese person (girl)

    i just did help thinking of a title for my piece AND they said that Each participant is required to submit an artist statement that describes what inspired him or her to create the work and how it relates to the theme.

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    Only you can answer that question.

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    yeah but I need help I know Im a creative person with creative ideas but sometimes when somethings are hard I need help

    please help me

    you just have to xplain what do I have to write like how does it relate to it and I also need titles ideas

    please help

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    If you can't tell what inspired you and how it relates to the theme, then you probably shouldn't enter the contest.

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    I really do want to enter the contest !!!!

    never mind i'll talk to my teacher on wednesday (no skool 2morrow)

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    Try some of the following links for Japanese girl's names:


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