6th grade spelling

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Here are the words you have to choose from:
energy; construct; prediction; include; allegiance; acquaintance; disagreement; stereos; legend; voluntary; revision; igloos; conclude; kangaroo; zeros; argument; summary; decision; alligator; allowance.
Here are the questions I am stuck on:
Complete the word phrase with the words above.
1. Brief ________________ of a book
9. ____________ participation in the project
Complete each analogy using one of the words from the list above.
3. start is to begin as finish is to __________
6. help is to assistance as loyalty is to ______________
8. stories is to legends as numbers is to _____________
If you could help me with these it would be great! (:

  • 6th grade spelling -


  • 6th grade spelling -

    1. summary
    9. voluntary

    For 3-8, think of the relationship between the first 2 words, then apply that relationship to the last 2 words.

    For number 3, start and begin are synonyms. Find a synonym for finish, which is conclude, and there you have it! A complete analogy!

    Do the same for the rest, and it'll be easy.

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    Now what is the Following with the same words:
    2. six___________ in one million
    5. a ____________ of an essay
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6th grade spelling -

    Write out the numbers for one million. What do you have 6 of?

    The other is the only word that will make sense in connection with "essay." Say them ALOUD to yourself or someone else.

  • 6th grade spelling -

    would #5 be revision?

  • 6th grade spelling -

    Oho - you're choosing from all the words, not just the few in the second post.

    Then it could be revision ... or summary ... or argument ... or what?

  • 6th grade spelling -

    ok because I really don't wanna do this tom. so I just like ya idk lol

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