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What are the main rules of safety that we follow in science classes

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    Follow all instructions carefully. Use special care when you see the word CAUTION.
    2. Never do laboratory work unless your teacher is supervising you.
    3. Always follow the directions given by your lab manual or by your teacher.
    4. Know the location of ALL safety equipment in the laboratory.
    5. Always wear protective eyewear and clothing unless instructed otherwise by your teacher.
    6. NEVER run, push, or engage in horseplay of any kind in the laboratory.
    7. Never eat or drink in the laboratory.
    8. Report any accident, spill, or breakage to you teacher immediately.
    9. Always clean your work area and equipment at the end of the lab period.
    10. Dress properly for the laboratory.
    a. Roll long sleeves above the wrist
    b. Don’t wear loose-fitting sleeves or bulky outerwear.
    c. Tie back long hair.
    11. Use care with electricity.
    a. Always make sure electrical cords are kept away from the edge of the table where people passing by can catch them.
    b. Always make sure that your hands are dry before you handle any electrical equipment.
    c. Always use electrical equipment in a completely dry area.
    12. Be careful with laboratory glassware.
    a. Always check glassware before you use it. Never use glassware that is chipped or cracked. Show this glassware to your teacher.
    b. Never use your bare hands to clean up broken glassware.
    c. Always be careful when carrying glassware to and from you work area.
    13. Be very careful with heat or fire.
    a. Always use tongs to handle hot containers, objects, or materials.
    b. Always heat liquids slowly and/or cover to avoid spattering.
    c. Always turn burners and hotplates off when they are not in use.
    d. Never allow flammable materials such as alcohol near an open flame.
    e. Notify your teacher in the case of a burn. Minor burns should be soaked immediately in cold running water.
    14. Use extreme care when working with chemicals.
    a. Always treat the chemicals in the laboratory as hazardous.
    b. Never taste substances in the laboratory.
    c. Never smell or touch substances in the laboratory without specific instructions.
    d. Never mix any chemicals unless you are instructed to do so.
    e. Use materials from containers that are clearly marked.
    f. Wear goggles and an apron whenever heating chemicals.
    g. If you spill any chemicals on your skin, wash your skin with running water. If chemicals splash in your eyes, use an eyewash.
    h. Notify your teacher immediately of any chemical spills.


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