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often you can write an equation to solve a problem
need help these 3
1) a band made a profit of $352 from a concert. the band sold 116 tickets and spent $25 on advertising. how much did each ticket cost?
i wrotE: $353 -$25 /116 = COST PER TICKET is this right?

write an inequality for each statement:

2)the ticket is at most $10
i wrote:
t >= $10

3)the race is less than 5 miles
i wrote: r < 5
is this ok?

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    1. is right.

    2. The cost per ticket is $2.83
    I think you can find a better inequality.

    3. right

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    #2 ) answer could it be;

    t < $10

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    sorry forget what i wrote
    for #2 could it be;
    the ticket is at most $10
    t > 10

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  • algebra writeing equations -

    ok so #2
    the ticket is at most $10
    statement is
    t > 10

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