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In need of help on my political science homework please help with these questions Only these questions left!
One reason why the US has only 2 major parties is that it has: A. insufficient opportunities to bribe candidates B. too much involvement by religious groups C.single-member electoral districts with winner-take-all plurality voting D. two is the most natural number for political parties
Political scientist Verba and Nie found _ identifiable forms of the political participation in the US (i think its B) A.6 B. 2 C. 1 D.10
After the election conflict of 2000, congress did not: A. provide funds for training election officials B establish a national uniform system of voting C. provide federal funds for improving voting equipment D. require states to establish ways of counting disputed votes
Which of the following is true about voters participation in the US presidential elections? A. it increased dramatically after women, blacks, and youth were given the vote B. it has remained high since the beginning of the 20th century C. it has declined during the period from the late 19th century until the present D. it rose during the early 20th century, but declined after 1950
In general, high levels of political participation are associated with: A. minority racial status B. high socioeconomic status C. rural location D. low levels of education
In the US, the majority of the media are: A gov-owned B. profit-driven C. owned by charitable foundations D. publicly owned
As gov gets involved in more areas of public policy A. prevents new interest groups from forming. B. makes the creation of new interest groups more likely. C. dissolves existing interest groups D. has no effect on interest groups.
8.The effect of the American constitutional system on public opinion is to: A. increase its influence on policy-making B. limit its influence on policy-making C. eliminate its influence on policy-making D. make it the sole factor affecting policy-making
The "gender gap" has thus far , favored: A. Democratic party B, republican party C. Tea party D. Libertarian party
These elections allow the voters to determine which candidates a political party will nominate. A. realigning election B. primary election C. referendum election D. non-partisan elections
11.Divisions in society from which political parties develop are called: A. social distances b social cleavages c minority groups d interest groups
12.The US is the birthplace of the __ A. mass political party B. modern class struggle C. classic political opposition D. midieval political realm
13.A very important difference between the development of political parties in England and in the US is that in the US the emergence of political parties occurred in a political system with a large proportion of _ A. merchants B. laborers C. voters D. professionals
14.One reason why the US election of 1800 is historically significant is that it marked the first time. A. people voted for a public officials. B. an election left to a peaceful transition of power in the national gov. C. the business class united behind one party D. the slavery issue was addressed by both parties
15.A general principle of political party organization is: A. political parties will replicate the general structure of gov. B political parties will develop their own structure, no matter what the structure of gov is C. political parties will follow the Khitomer Accords D. political parties will remain disorganized


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