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I have to do a persuasive speech with a powerpoint but I don't have a clue on what to write about. Can someone help me please

Thank you

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    Don't you want to persuade people to do anything?

    I'd like to persuade people to vote, pay higher taxes, make sure their kids get a superior education, adopt a single-payer health care system, conserve energy, support alternative fuels, etc., etc.

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    To make sure our kids get a superior education will be a good topic. But what would I talk about, I think that is were I am getting confused :/

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    How do you think parents can help their kids get a superior education?

    Higher taxes?
    Read to the kids?
    Expose the children to many ideas?
    Help them with homework?
    Insist on excellence?

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    My title can be " Preparing your kids for a higher education" and then I can talk about Read to the kids, Expose the children to many ideas and help with homework??

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    That's a good start.

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    Should I make a slide on a power point for each topic??

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    Thank you very much for all your help!!

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    You're very welcome. Good luck with your speech!

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