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Let h(x) = x3/2(x - 7)1/3 and g(x) = 200x3 - 47x2 + 9017x + 3. Utilize this information to find the value of (g o h)(7).

I worked it out and came up with the answer 1421313.733.... i feel like this isnt right... please feel free to comment :)

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    If you mean g(x) = x^3/[2*(x-7)^(1/3)] then you are in trouble. The denominator of h(7) is zero.

    So (goh)(7) is g(h(7)) is undefined.

    If h(x) = x^3/2 * (x-7)^(1/3) then
    h(7) = 0 and g(0) = 3.

    How did you get your answer? Use parentheses to make it clear how to evaluate the functions.

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