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physics emergency

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m1 = 2.7 kg block slides on a frictionless horizontal surface and is connected on one side to a spring (k = 40 N/m) as shown in the figure above. The other side is connected to the block m2 = 3.6 kg that hangs vertically. The system starts from rest with the spring unextended.

a) What is the maximum extension of the spring?

  • physics emergency -

    total mass = 6.3 kg
    mass falls a distance x and nothing is moving when it reaches maximum spring extension x
    potential energy lost by mass going down = m g x = 3.6 g x
    that is potential energy gained by spring (1/2) k x^2
    (1/2) k x^2 = 3.6 g x
    x = 7.2 g/k

  • physics emergency -

    how would you find the speed of the hanginf mass when the spring is extended 10cm?

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