8th grade math

posted by saranghae12

How do you simplify problems like

8x + 3 (7x-6)

-9(4x-8) + 2x?

Please help!!
Thank you!

  1. saranghae12

    oh yeah and 4(1 + 9x) can u helo with this one too please

  2. Ms. Sue

    I'll do the first one.

    8x + 3 (7x-6)

    8x + 21x - 18

    29x - 18

    I'll be glad to check your answer for the second problem.

  3. saranghae12

    oooh i get the first one now. But wat i am asking is how you do the second problems that are like the second and the third problem.

  4. Ms. Sue

    You try the second problem. Do it the same way I did the first problem.

  5. saranghae12

    i just want you to know that i might be more confused with this because i am a 7th grader and i am in accelerated math so that is why i am doing 8th grade math and this is really hard for me right now so yeah

  6. Ms. Sue

    If you can't at least try to do the second problem, you don't belong in accelerated math.

  7. saranghae12

    ummm is it 6x - 17? im not sure if this is right

  8. saranghae12

    yeah i did ask my teacher if i could go back to regular math but then she decided that she will decide on my quiz score and i got a good grade

  9. saranghae12

    and for the third problem is it this i will do it in the steps:

    4( 1+9x)
    4(1)+ 4(9x)
    4 + 36x

    is this correct?

  10. Ms. Sue

    The third problem is right.

    For the second problem:

    -9(4x-8) + 2x

    Start by multiplying -9 times 4x and -9 times -8.

  11. saranghae12

    ooohhh ok so the second problem would be -36x + 72 + 2x right?

  12. Ms. Sue


  13. saranghae12

    oh i get that now. thank you!

  14. Ms. Sue


    We forgot to add 2x

    -34x + 72

  15. saranghae12

    oh ok i get it now. thank you!!

  16. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome.

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