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I am writing a comparison essay how Miley cyrus song the climb argument is better than katy perry fireworks. I need help finishing my conclusion. my thesis restated is: Miley Cyrus's argument for how every person is an individual is more compelling than Katy Perry's argument to just express yourself.
Now i am stick at the what so significance of creating successful poetry with this goal.

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    This song reminds me of the saying: "It's not the destination; it's the trip (journey). Life IS an uphill battle for most of us!

    Although I'm not quite sure where you'd like to go with the significance, to me poetry is so much more expressive than prose. The poet must select the words (and images) very carefully because you need to tell a story in much fewer words than in prose.

    If you'd like to rephrase what you need at the end, I'll try again!


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