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Culture Diversity

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I have a paper due soon where I need to interview three Japanese Americans. Could any Japanese American answer the following questions for me? I would greatly appreciate it! If you don't feel comfortable answering some of them just leave them blank, Thanks!

What is your first name?

What is your age?

What is your religious status?


What is your education level?

In what social class do you consider yourself to be in? (ex. working class, middle class, upper class)

What is your occupation?

What is your favorite leisure activity to do in your free time?

When did you first become aware of racial differences? How did this make you feel?

Can you describe when you first became aware of your ethnic identity?

Do you think your ethnic identity has any effect on your self esteem? If so, in what ways?

When you were growing up did you feel different from others? In what ways?

Do you still feel different today?

Do you still practice Japanese family traditions in your home? Can you describe some of them?

Have you adopted any American traditions or do you celebrate any American holidays?

How important is education to you?

What are some important values that were taught to you by your family and community?

Are there any stereotypes about Japanese Americans you often hear that you would like to correct?

Why did your family come to the United States?

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    As far as I know, Jiskha doesn't have any Japanese-American readers.

    I suggest you seek interview subjects elsewhere.

    In addition, an interview like this should be private, not in a public forum.

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