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Arc AB measures 5x + 2. Angle ACB measures 3x + 14. Find the value of x.

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    Angles and arcs have different dimensions. Both are presented as dimensionless numbers in your question.

    The question makes no sense to me.

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    Presumably C is the center of a circle, and A and B are points on the circle.

    arc AB = r * angle ACB
    5x+2 = r(3x+14)
    5x+2 = 3rx + 14r
    x(5-3r) = 14r-2
    x = (14r-2)/(5-3r)

    Not knowing the radius of the circle, it's tough to get a value for x.

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    Angle C is an inscribed angle of circle P. Angle C measures (3x + 6)° and arc AB measures (8x)°. Find x.

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