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Science (urgent)

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I have 2 biology questions I really need help with, they are due tommorow and I don't know if I'm right.

1)As an energy carrier, ATP differs from NADPH in that:

a)ATP carries less energy than NADPH.
b)ATP transfers energy through redox reactions whereas NADPH uses phosphorylation.
c)NADPH is involved in a larger variety of chemical reaction than ATP.
d)NADPH is made by Photosystem I whereas ATP is made by Photosystem II.

I'm pretty sure it's B, is that correct?

2) Which of the following statements best describes the function of the electron chain (ETC) in photosynthesis?

A)as electrons move through the etc, they release energy that is used to concentrate protons in the thylakoid lumen.
B)as electrons move through through the etc, they catalyze the formation of ATP.
c)the etc releases C02 from glucose
d)the etc captures and stores the electrons given off by NADPH

I know it's not B and I'm leaning towards A. Is this right? Thank you so much, this is really stressing me out.

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