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All 3 of you I see usually answer a lot of questions. Can you help me with some of these?
1. Erosion is a slow process that causes change to Earth's surface. All of the following are sources of erosion except
D.ocean waves

In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
A.By adding heat to Earth's surface
B. By adding gases to the atmosphere
C. By adding lava to Earth's surface
D.By adding water vapor to the Atmosphere

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    On the 1st question the answer is B because erosion carries things away and wind can pick stuff up and carry it away. When glaciers move it can pick stuff up also and ocean waves can too.

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    Allishia -- Only one of your answers for the second question applies to new land.

    What do you think it is?

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    Narrow it down for the 2nd one :D

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    It can't be A cause adding so much heat to the Earth isn't good..

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -


  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    D. is not the answer.

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    Yes it's C because the lava could harden to become a rock

  • Ms.Sue August or Anonymous -

    C is the answer, but not because it becomes rock. Lava deteriorates into fertile soil.

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