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Please check my english hw

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The ALL CAP words are used incorrectly. Choose the best word to replace them both:

1. Success is not measured ON a person's wealth or social status, but ON how much a person contributes to the welfare of others.

a. in
b. upon
c. about
d. by

The ALL CAP word is a poor choice. Choose the best word or phrase to replace it:

2. Success come more from a person's attitude than from anything else; if a person has the desire to succeed, then that person will do IT.

a. successful things.
b. stuff necessary to succeed.
c. whatever that person needs to have to do to become a very accomplished and successful person.
d. whatever is necessary to succeed.

3. topic sentence should also do one other thing. What is it?

a. Tell the reader what the three subpoints are (a 3 point topic sentence).
b. Make the reader feel good about the subject.
c. Tell the reader what type of strategy the writer intends to use in the paragraph.
d. Convince the reader that the writer is correct.

So, now that and understand topic sentences, consider the following prompt: "Choose an issue that you feel needs to be addressed, and argue for or against it."

4. What would be the best choice from those below for a topic sentence?

a. As many of us know, there are many arguments for raising the driving age.
b. The driving age should be raised for several reasons.
c. The minimum driving age should be raised because the current age of sixteen is too low and too many people are not ready to get behind the wheel; so, therefore, they should consider raising the driving age to eighteen.
d. Considering the disproportionate amount of automobile accidents and fatalities among sixteen and seventeen year old adolescents, the state of Maryland should consider raising the driving age to eighteen.
e. Being as how these young people drive nowadays, with so many accidents, fatalities, and etc., it seems clear that the driving age needs to be raised.


  • Please check my english hw -

    They all are right, although 2 could also be a.

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