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Could you please check these sentences I varied from a summary I made two weeks ago. Thank you very much.

1) Lady Macbeth asks Macbeth to return the daggers he has mistakenly brought from the scene of the murder.
Then, she urges him to wash the blood form his hands.
2) The blood is described as a filthy witness because it is symbolic of the crime (Macbeth has committed) and representative of Macbeth's guilt which cannot be escaped.
3) It is Lady Macbeth who pushes her husband towards murder (Why without "the"?).Though she and her husband have planned to kill Duncan, she is the driving force behind this plan. She tries to ovecome her husband's doubts and hesitations and sends him to the king's room to commit murder (Why murder is again without "the"?)
4) She says that Duncan is dead and therefore she has nothing to fear from him. If Duncan is bleeding, she will smear the grooms' faces with blood so that the blame will be put on them. (or to make them appear guilty of the crime).

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    3) towards murder. = an y murder, non specified BUT THE murder = specific murder (explaining both of your questions?)

    Within the quotes would be fine; (either or) you just need to make up your mind!


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