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Math- Pre calculus

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A community bird-watching society makes and sells simple bird feeders to raise money for its conservation activities. The materials for each feeder cost $5, and the society sells an average of 20 per week at a price of $9 each. The society has been considering raising the price, so it conducts a survey and finds that for every dollar increase, it loses 2 sales per week.

(a) Find a function that models weekly profit in terms of price per feeder. (Let x be the price per feeder and P(x) be the profit.)

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    Let the number of $1 increases be n

    selling price now : 9
    number sold now: 20

    after increase....
    selling price = 9+n
    number sold = 20-2n

    P(n) = (9+n)(20-2n) - 5(20-2n)

    ( change my variable to x )

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