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While riding a Ferris wheel, the rider determines that the Ferris wheel makes 1.5 revolutions per minute.

a) knowing that the diameter of the Ferris wheel is 100 ft, determine the angular speed (in rad/s) of the Ferris wheel.
b) Determine the linear speed (in ft/s) of the rider on the Ferris wheel. (Hint: Use the equation for arc length L=θr, where L is the arc length, θ is the angle of the arc, and r is the radius. Realize that the equation for circumference of a circle is the equation for arc length with an arc angle of 2π).
c) If the ride is 5 minutes long, how many linear feet does the rider travel during the ride?
d) There are a total of 12 cars on the Ferris wheel. When exiting the ride, the rider of the interest has to wait for 2 other cars to empty until they exit the ride. How many extra linear feet are traveled during exit time? (Hint: Use the equation for arc length).

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    You need to make an effort.

    (a) 1.5 revolutions is 3 pi radians, and that takes 60 seconds. Compute 3 pi/60 as for the angular speed. Call it w.

    (b) w*D/2 is the rider's speed.

    (c) Multiply the speed from (b) by 300 seconds

    (d) 1/6 radian * (D/2)

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