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Early childhood edcation

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1)when a child demonstrates an anability to leap over a barrier his teacher checks to see if he has mastered the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance. In doing this the teacher is
a)applying a developmental perspective
b)measuring the child,s confidence level
c)having a negative effect on the child self esteem
d)sequencing motor change
my answer is A

2)A child practices tossing a ball into a hoop from the same distance each day what type of knowledge is he using
my answer is A

3)children should be physically active.........adults.
a)less than
b)more than
c)twice as much as
d)the same amount
my answer is D

4)Encouraging children to eat certain foods their families enjoy around the holidays is an example of
a)promoting unscientific potentially nonnutritious eating habits
b)showing respect for ethnic and cultural differences
c)creating barriers between children of diffrent ethnic and religious backgrounds
d)fostering dependence on highly processed foodstuffs
my answer is B

5)children,s genetically prescribed tastes in foods are affected by the
a)foods they're exposed to by their culture
b)amount of caloric energy they expend in between meals and snacks
c)quality of the air they breath and water they drink
d)freshness index of the food provided to them
my answe is A

Can someone please tell me if my answers are correct

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