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A student is taking a literature course in which four tests are given. To get a B, he must average at least 80 on the four tests. The student got scores of 82, 76, and 78 on the first three tests. Determine (in terms of inequality) what scores on the last test will allow him to get at least a B.

I am not quite sure how to handle this problem. Any help would be great.

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    If he gets a score of n on the 4th test, then his total points are

    82 + 76 + 78 + n

    The average will then be

    (82 + 76 + 78 + n)/4 >= 80
    (236+n)/4 >= 80
    236+n >= 320
    n >= 84

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    Thank you so much. This kind of what I thought but was not to sure.

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    Peter scored 17;88 and 97 on three test. How much he scored on the next test to have at least an 85 average

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