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as 390 g of hot milk cools in a mug, it transfers 30,000 J of heat to the environment. What is the temperature change of milk? The specific heat of milk is 3.9 J/g degree C.

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    recall that heat absorbed released is given by
    Q = mc*(T2 - T1)
    m = mass (in g)
    c = specific heat capacity (in J/g-k)
    T = temperature (in C or K)
    *note: Q is (+) when heat is absorbed and (-) when heat is released.
    we're looking for (T2 - T1) here. substituting,
    30000 = 390*3.9*(T2 - T1)
    (T2-T1) = 19.72 K

    hope this helps~ :)

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