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Which numbers are solutions of each inequality?

1) X < 1: -2 , 1, 2

2) X > -5 : -7, -5 , -1
I WROTE: -1 > -5 TRUE

i have more problems but i don't know how to type to you the ones that have symbol of < with line under to show: less than or equal to
like: x is less than or equal to -9: -12, -4, 2

would the answer be: -4 true and 2 true?


    Your first two answers are right.

    I think - 12 is the only answer for the third problem.


    x < -8: -10, -5, 0
    i wrote: -10
    -10 < -8 true

    #5) x is greater than or equal to -4:
    -6 , -1 , 0
    i wrote
    -1 and 0 true

    #6) x is less than or equal to -1:
    -1 , 1, 3
    i wrote:
    -1 true

    are these right?

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