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Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:37pm.

In a poem called "Me", I saw the following expression. Are they correct?

1. I think that I will never see, ....
Someone who has my color hair.

(What about 'my hair color'?)

2. So many kinds of folks I see, but only I can be a ME.

(Is "So many kinds of folks" the object of 'see'? Or, is the relative pronoun,'that' missing before 'I'?
Is 'a Me' correct? Why is 'a' used?)

English - Writeacher, Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 5:12pm
1. The expressions are correct, yes.

2. "kinds" is the direct object of "see" -- the other words are modifiers.

Yes, "that" is missing; this happens frequently, especially in speech.

"a Me" is being used to indicate the person who is writing the poem. In this case "a" is used to emphasize that "Me" is an appositive for the writer, that it's being used as a noun (not a pronoun in this particular line of poetry).
Thank you for your help.

2. So many kinds of folks I see, but only I can be a ME.

3. I see so many kinds of folks, but only I can be a ME.

(Did #2 come from #3? The objected is moved to the front,then. Or is the relative pronoun 'that' is missing before "I see"?)

  • English -

    1) hair color = blonde, red, brunette, brown etc.

    2) a ME = a tall me, a short me, a fat me, etc. Why not?

    I believe Writeacher has answered everything else.


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