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I mispelt a word in my previous post.
Thank you.
1) This can be a drawback not so much to the wearer but as to those around him.
2) Who is a "mill master"?
3) During the day of Peterloo, which alludes to the Battle of Waterloo, a man had his nose cut from (off?) his face.
4) Have your teachers thought of any theme for our Comenius project? What do you think of (about is possible?) including students from class 11 ?
5) When do you think we should hold our first meeting to agree on a common theme for our Comenius project?
6) I think that we’ll agree on which students to include in the project during our parent-teacher class committees, which will be held in November.

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    3) cut off

    4) yes

    Sra (how did I miss THIS one?)

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