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AP US History

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Compare and Contrast the effectiveness of Washington's and Adams' presidencies in obeying and promoting the Constitution during their administrations.

So far I have:
The main compromises made when writing and ratifying the Constitution were the Three-Fifths Compromise, which stated that slaves counted for three-fifths a man in the population count, and the Great Compromise which stated that there would be two houses, The House of Representatives and the Senate. Seats in the House of Representatives, the lower house, were awarded by population while each state was given two seats in the Senate, no matter the population. These two compromises demonstrated the ability to work together, and act on an issue as a unified front no matter the beliefs or desires of each state.
Washington actively used the new rights given to the government by the Constitution. He used his army to stop rebellions such as Shay's Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion.

I'm a little confused on how to thoroughly answer the second part of the question. Ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)

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