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Online Vs Traditional Dating
Innovations and technology has brought about many changes in day to day human life. More recently, and with the advent of the internet, communication amongst people from all over the world has drastically increased to levels unimaginable to the people of the early 20th century. One of the forms of online communication is online dating, i.e. using the internet to meet a person of interest. On the other hand, traditional dating, which has been done for ages, involves a more physically direct approach, to meeting people of interest. Although both traditional and online dating are similar in finding a good company, whether temporary or permanent, both have great differences in assuring security and eventually a trusted partner. Studies show that online dating is twice as responsible for heartbreaks and incidents related to such break-ups than traditional dating.
Though harmful if done recklessly, traditional dating is much safer.
As opposed to online dating, traditional dating offers a real live view of the person and guarantees a fit choice of your requirements. This kind of dating also ensures that the person we meet is someone who lives close by and therefore we can judge them by where a person lives and how they dress up, guaranteeing we are meeting someone up to our standards. Meeting in person also gives us a vivid view of one's personality, etiquette, manners and tone of voice.
A traditional date shows clear devotion because one spares his time throughout the date to come see you and take you on a date. Moreover, spending money on a person shows your affection and the effort you put into there would-be relationship. Factors such as timidness or a speaking disorder, for example a lisp, can prevent one from talking thoroughly with the partner on a traditional date, hence the observance of this attitude shows a graphic sense of attribute of the person.
Typically the people we meet in real life already have some kind of relationship to the real world., Whether it is having mutual friends, sharing an office building, or working out at the same gym, there is already a foundation of compatibility. There is also a mutual chemistry from the beginning, or at least a mutual attraction. However, once we are already on a date it is hard to get out if the person we are meeting does not match your interests, which results in time wasting and a feeling of guilt.
Online dating certainly has its benefits too; it overlooks a person's natural identity and connects the minds of two people who have similar interests. Not all online dating sites have a radius defining option and hence there is always a problem of falling in love with a person who lives miles away and hence, making the, other person, less judgmental about their housing status and finding someone outside their social circle.
In this busy world today not many people have the time to go on physical dates because of work, children and school hence online dating shows us a great way to keep in touch with the person of interest. People can engage in it whilst doing laundry, in office or even while using the toilet. Online dating does not show a person's true devotion to a person and as opposed to taking time out from their day, all one has to do is log on to their dating site from their mobile or tablet and stay online, replying at their own convenience. In contrast, dinner dates and spending money on someone who one is still getting to know, online dating is cost effective to chit chat through, and less time consuming. However, again this is an easier way out to someone less serious and non-devoted.
Online dating is a shy man's fortress therefore, it is much easier for one to relax and comfortably speak to another person through chatting. But that comfortable level also leads to comfortable lying. Since online dating is a most common portal for timid or insecure people. Wherefore, it has also become a medium for them to lie about their age, height, weight and sometimes even place false pictures of, their looks. Since online dating requires pictures today, people are more likely to put their best pose whether if it is old or is their twin-sister's.
Regardless, of anything although online chatting does not always offer people of similar statuses, education levels or social circles. But what online dating does give, is the opportunity to getting rid of someone easily if their interest does not match one's with no guilt or time wasting.
In conclusion from experience I have seen more heartbreaks online than in person. Online dating is only fun for temporary purposes and having someone instant to talk to. But eventually if things get serious that leads to traditional dating anyway. But over all traditional dating is much safer, and makes one more in control of the situation and more devoted. Regardless I also think that it does not matter whether it is online or traditional dating, in both cases one has to be good with words and true with the other and hence, one will find their true partner. Moreover, whatever kind of dating is chosen, one should always be sure not to give out personal information. No matter how many dates one has been on, or no matter how much chats one has had, a stranger remains a stranger.

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    Not "has brought" because the subject is plural = have brought


    a good company? drop "a" = good company

    fit choice of your requirements.= a fit choice for your requirements

    guaranteeing we are meeting = guaranteeing that we are meeting

    one spares his time = if you use "one spares time" it will not be gender-orientated

    into their would-be relationship = their
    or "a"

    In 4 places you use "their" referring to a person or one = these words are singular = his/her The singular words are: one, someone, somebody, person, everyone, everybody but plural might be: people, some, etc.

    I noticed the word "hence" perhaps more times than you might like. Synonyms might be: for that reason, therefore, ergo, thus BUT I'd use a comma before it

    someone who one is still getting to know = whom

    Here is an incomplete sentence: "Since online dating is a most common portal for timid or insecure people."

    Regardless, of anything although = misplaced comma = Regardless of anything, although

    no comma in "false pictures of, their looks = false pictures of their looks

    the opportunity to getting rid = after to you need an infinitive = to get rid

    if things get serious that leads = comma = if things get serious, that leads

    Regardless I also = Regardless, I also

    traditional dating, in both cases = run-on sentence that can be avoided with a semicolon = traditional dating; in both cases...

    how much chats = how much one chats OR how many chats

    Because it's hard to see where the paragraphs are, and scanning up and down, I may have missed something, but the majority of errors are above. To be sure, you might wish to make all the corrections and repost for final proofreading, if you have time.


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    Thank you, Ill re-post it in a while.
    Overall do you think it is an A essay?

    It is spposed to be a comparison essay.
    As a reader is it effective?

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