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Can anyone read this and add some to it. It is suppose to be 1750 words but I ran out of things to say. Any help would be appreciated.
The environmental problem I am going to be discussing is recycling. The reason I chose this topic is because I

think it is a very important issue that needs to be addressed. In this paper I will be discussing a detailed description of the

problem with recycling. I will also be talking about strategies and solutions, so we can overcome and help make the world a

safer place to live in by recycling. There are three steps to recycling and they are reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The first step is reducing the things you use. This is the most important step because the less you use the less you

have to throw away. It is better to recycle than to throw something away. You don’t have to waste things, so if you don’t

need it don’t buy it. Some examples of reducing is if your phone is charged don ‘t plug it up, if you are not using lights cut

them off, and if you are going to the store and it is close to your home walk instead of drive.

The next step is reuse. There are some things out there that you have bought that can be reused. Sometimes instead

of reusing them you throw them away. It takes energy to do this, so it is better to reuse a product instead of recycling

it .Some examples would be when you take a bath or shower hang your towel up and reuse it the next day, if you take a

bath every day, try filling up a basin and wash off instead of taking a shower. This limits the amount of water you use and

will help cut down on your electric bill as well, especially if you have a big family.

The last step is to recycle. Recycling means to take a product that you are not using anymore and make another

product out of it. Recycling is important because it helps our environment and helps preserve resources. There are many

products that can be recycled. Cans, bottles, and paper are just to name a few that can be reused after they are recycled. You

as a consumer need to know what you can and can’t be recycled. If you know this it will make it easy for you.

There are many landfills that are overflowing and this has been an issue for a long time, not just for the US, but the

entire world. A lot of what we throw away is contributing to this problem. The US alone has 3,091 active landfills and over

10,000 municipal landfills, where their water and air emissions can be dangerous to our health. Many countries are trying to

come up with a solution to manage solid waste. There are products that are being thrown away and going to our landfills

that can not be broken down, it just sits in our landfills. Plastic bottles and diapers are just a few of these products that can

not be broken down. I can’t imagine all of the plastic bottles and diapers that are just sitting there in our landfills. This is a

big problem and why our landfills are so full today because these products can’t be broken down.

We have to come up with a plan where we can correct this problem. Another problem is people are throwing away

electronics and these contain mercury and lead. Instead of throwing these items away you could have a yard sale and sell

them, or donate them to a church or school that might need them. It is up to everyone to come up with a plan so that we can

manage our waste. We have to come up with a plan and make sure pollution rates are lowered and come up with other

solutions that could help our environment.

I would first start my plan by holding community meetings in my neighborhood so that I can spread the word to

other people who do not recycle. I would let them know how important this is and would ask them to get involved in my

plan so we can travel to other places and reach out to other people as well. I would let people know how important this is

for the future and our environment as well. If someone didn’t understand, I would show them and tell them the ways that

we recycle, so that we are not wasting things. I would ask them if they have any questions or let them give their opinions on

how we can spread the word about recycling. We would talk about how we can all work together to reduce solid waste and

prevent our landfills from overflowing.

I would hold a fundraiser to make money for research about recycling. After talking to other people and after the

Community meetings, I would give them information, so that that could read up on recycling to understand it more and

what it is doing to our environment. Every place that I went to talk to people I would talk to people about becoming

sponsers to help support the cause and help with funding about recycling. I would hold meetings at least once a week and if

I had to travel, then I would let them know to call me a few days ahead of time.

I could hand out pamphlets with information about recycling and hand them out in the community for them to read.

They could pass the information on to their family, friends, and co- workers and they could read it and pass it on. When I

have a lot of people helping spread the word about this issue, then it want take long for other people to join in and help start

spreading the word. The government needs to get involved and help the US with solid waste issues. They fund money for

other countries to help them, so they need to step up and help us also. They could do some of the funding for the research

and that would help us out. We can then be sponsoring other people and try to get as many people as we can to join in our

campaign to reduce solid waste.

I would try to reach everyone that I could about this problem and get other people to help me spread the word

about recycling. The more people I have on my side helping me, the better we will be helping our environment for the

future. If I told people about the way our landfills looked by showing them pictures, or even better taking them to see a

Landfill that is overflowing, then I thinks this would show people what is happening.

I might have problems trying to get people to change their way of living, but once they understood how important

this is not only to us but our children as well, then they might change their ways. It might also make them start volunteering

their time to start spreading the word about recycling and this will make them feel like they are helping our environment. If

we all try and work together so we all can make a difference in this world and help the environment, and then our world

would be a better place.

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