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I need some help on figureing out how to answer these problems please i have never done this type of math before thank you

Find the discount and total to be paid for each of the following:
Amount Terms When Paid Discount Total
$2.000 3/30 22 days
$400 2/10 5 days
$290.50 3/10, 2/30 12 days

Compute the following multiple discounts and net prices:
Lit price 550.65 First Discont 15%
Second Discount 5%

Find the markup and selling price for each of the following:
Cost Markup Rate Markup Selling Prce
$4,508.60 35%
$7005.72 52%

15. Find the markup percent, based on the cost, of an item that cost $49 and sells for $75

16. Find the markup amount of an item selling for $95 if it was marked up 30% based on the cost

Using the following figures to find the percent of recenue by division
East $43,000

Calculate each deducation and (25.) net pay
Gross Wages Fed, tax 22.Insurance 23. St, Tax 24. FICA
608.45 57.20 1.7% 5% 7.65%


  1. Reiny

    Find the discount and total...(I will do the last one)
    $290.50 3/10, 2/30 12 days
    means: there is a 3% discount if paid within 10, or a 2% discount if paid within 30 days.
    They paid after 12 days, so they get a 2% discount.
    So they have to pay 98% of original
    Total = $290(.98) = $284.20

    Compute the following multiple discounts....
    discount of 15% , then 5%
    single discount = 1 - .85(.95) = .1925 or 19.25%

    Find the markup and selling price...
    ( I will do the 2nd one)
    $7005.72 52%
    amount of markup = 7005.72(.52) = 3642.97
    Selling price = 7005.72 + 3642.97 = $10648.69

    15. markup = 75-49 = 26
    markup percent = 26/49 = .531 or 53.1%

    1.3(cost) = 95
    cost = 95/1.3 = $73.08

    Do not understand the remaining questions.

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