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does this paragraph have a good flow?

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – Rodin. Time management is the process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities. I, too, once had been a control freak, doing everything precisely by a written schedule. As soon as Nathan was born, I just kind grew out the habit and just “went with the flow” of the occurrences of the day. I would let Nathan sleep and play whenever he wanted to. As he got older, he became wilder, more hyperactive, and of course, a little more spoiled. Nathan also had a habit of waking up at five in the morning, crying until someone took him out of his crib to let him play with his toys in the living room. Finally, after some weeks of being agitated every day and extremely sleep deprived, I sat down with my parents and told them my situation. Of course, they were distressed, but also delighted that I came to them with my tribulations. My father advised putting Nathan for a nap at a certain time each day, for a couple of days, to experiment the outcome. I hesitantly tried it out, and interestingly enough, it became quite noticeable that at that certain time now he would start look for his bottle, and managed to climb up and curl in my lap. I took note that this was a regular repetition in his behavior and started noticing other things, for example, at lunch, when he was hungry he would bring me a spoon. Or at three in the afternoon, would bring me one of his shoes, to show that he wanted to go outside. I put together an hour-by-hour schedule of what he was doing, and started to put it to use. I now had free time to work on lessons from school and also take small naps. His transformation was enormous and Nathan became calmer, more active when we went outside, and was sleeping longer during the mornings. The outcome was a success and my parents were delighted that Nathan and I had a more certain routine that we could follow. Time management was a responsibility I had taken upon myself to make sure Nathan had a warm, fun, but essential environment.

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    kind grew out the habit = kind of grew out of the habit

    putting Nathan for a nap = putting Nathan down for a nap

    he would start look for his bottle, and managed to climb up = he would start to look for his bottle and manage to climb up

    afternoon, would bring me = afternoon, he would bring me

    True, children need a routine and also need to know where the "lines are drawn!"


  • WRiTinG -

    thank you :)

    but is the paragraph flowing well?

  • WRiTinG -

    It did flow well.


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