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I need to check and simplify these long-winded sentences. I really hope you can help me.

1) After making/expressing his wish for eternal beauty,he starts leading a sinful life demonstrating a great insensitivity for every life he ruins. (??)
2) The portrait represents the corruption of the middle class moral code.
3) Walter Pater, the theorist of aestheticism in England, elaborated (??) the motto art for art's sake, accoring to which art had to provide emotions rather than describe the world.
4) The corrupting picture could be seen as a symbol of the immorality and bad conscience of the Victorian middle class.
5) He brings Dorian live following his own wishes. Correction: he makes Dorian pursue his emotions.
6) He says to Dorian (or he tells Dorian) that beauty matters more than anything else.He feels attracted to Sybil/by her beauty.

  • Englsh -

    1) After expressing his wish for eternal beauty, he leads a sinful insensitive life.

    3) Walter Pater, a British aesthetic, elaborated on the motto "art for art's sake," providing emotions, not descriptions.

    4) The corrupting picture was a symbol of the immorality of the Victorian middle class.

    (You don't have to state everything in one sentence.)


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