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A 3.000 gram sample of an unknown compound containing the elements carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is analyzed by combustion. The combustion releases 4.714 grams of carbon dioxide and 1.500 grams of nitrogen. If 25 molecules have a combined mass of 4.65 x 10⁻²¹ grams, what is the compound's molecular formula?

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    Convert 4.714g CO2 to g C.
    Convert 1.500g N2 to g N.
    g H = 3.00-gC-gN

    moles C = ?
    moles H = ?
    moles N = ?
    Find the empirical formula.
    The molar mass will be
    4.65E-21 x (6.022E23/25) = ?
    Then (molar mass/empirical mass) = n which you round to a whole number, then
    molecular formula = (empirical formula)n
    This post is not on page 1. If you have problems with it I suggest you repost at the top of the board and show your work; otherwise, we may not scroll down 3-4 pages looking for work to do, especially if there are more than enough questions on the first page. ;-).

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