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Assuming equal concentrations , rank these solutions by pH. RbOH(aq), NH3(aq), HF(aq) HBr(aq), Ca(OH)2(aq).

I know the most acidic solution has the lowest pH and the most basic solution has the highest pH. But how am i supposed to know the pH if i don't know the concentration of each solution?

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    I think the secret is in the wording of the problem. It says assuming EQUAL concns.....
    I would divide these into bases and acid.
    RbOH, NH3 and Ca(OH)2.
    RbOH is the highest OH, followed by Ca(OH)2 and NH3. I rank RbOH higher than Ca(OH)2 because Ca(OH)2 isn't a soluble as RbOH.

    HBr, HF
    HBr is a strong acid; HF is a weak acid. You should be able to rank all of them now.

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    Order is


    It was on my homework too and this came out right

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    NO idea

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    In acids, more electronegativity is more acid power.

    In bases, less electronegativity is more bas power.

    Because H is positive and elements with high electronegativity pushs more H+. So with this our acid will be more powerful.

    And as same as acids, we calculate bases powers with this way.

    Less electronegative elements pushes more OH-. So our bas becomes more powerful.

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