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1. (Points: 2)
The lawyer had been involved in several (elicit, illicit) activities.

b. illicit

2. (Points: 2)
When people (emigrate, immigrate), they move into a country.

b. immigrate

3. (Points: 2)
Several (incidence, incidents) caused the bookkeeper to resign.

a. incidence

4. (Points: 2)
(Irregardless, Regardless) of who wins, the game was well played.

b. Regardless

5. (Points: 2)
Why is Bill wearing that (incredible, incredulous) look?

b. incredulous

6. (Points: 2)
The gold chair was ruined, for someone had torn (it's, its) seat.

b. its

7. (Points: 2)
(In regard to, In regards to) your request, I will have to check whether funds are

a. In regard to

8. (Points: 2)
After going barefoot all summer, new school shoes always felt (funny, odd).

b. odd

9. (Points: 2)
The beautiful painting was (hung, hanged) above the mantel.

a. hung

10. (Points: 2)
John was (especially, specially) chosen by the mayor to represent Plano.

b. specially

These are my answers,

Could you help me out in correcting these?

  • English Check -

    All are correct except 3 and 10.


  • English Check -

    The word 'incidents' is the plural of incident, which means an occurrence or an event.

    However, if you want to stress the exceptional or noteworthy quality, then especial or especially is a better choice

    Great ! thank you !

  • English Check -

    wow.. wait 10 was wrong.

    It is specially :/

  • English Check -


    I was correct.

    Because specially is designed for a purpose..


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