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Please help me with this...
I haven't got much time, so the sooner the better :)

Could you tell me what the simple subjects & simple predicates are in the following sentences?

1) Williamsburg is a restored colonial town in Virginia.
2) At this tourist attraction, consumed guides show visitors around their town.
3) In the spring time, gardens are filled with daffodils and tulips.
4) Hungry tourists enjoy dinners in candle-lit taverns and restaurants.
5) Uniformed soldiers perform maneuvers on the commons to the delight of both children and adults.
6) At some sites, skilled craftspersons pracice long-forgotten arts such as blacksmithing and candlemaking.
7) Williamsburg served as the capital of the Virginia Colony from 1699 to 1779.
8) In 1765, Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech in the Williamsburg Capitol.
9) English colonists chose the site for its good soil drainage and pleasant climate.
10) At first, residents called the colony Middle Plantation.
11) Later, colonists renamed the town Williamsburg in honor of King William III.
12) During public times(in italics), fancy balls were held in the bustling town.
13) Williamsburg was the site of the first newpaper in Virginia, The Virginia Gazzette(in italics).
14) John D. Rockefeller, Jr., supported the town's restoration during the 1920s.
15) A historic plantation is located just outside Williamsburg.
16) Inside the homes of Williamsburg, rooms are decorated in the colonial style.
17) Even the streets are brick and cobblestone instead of modern asphalt.
18) In April, flowering trees fill the air with a sweet smell.
19) Pink and white blossoms make the little town colorful and inviting.
20) A Williamsburg visit will be an enjoyable step back into time.

Thank you so much...
I've only got a few hours...!

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    Yes, I COULD tell you. But, I do not want to cheat you out of YOUR education.

    I'll get you started.

    1. Williamsburg is
    2. guides show

    I'll be glad to check your answers for the rest.

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    Simple subject is the noun
    Simple predicate is the KEY word in the predicate.

    For example, The maze had hundred pathways.

    Maze=simple subject
    had=simple predicate

    hope this helps

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    3 gardens filled
    4 tourists enjoy
    5 soldiers perform maneuvers
    6 crafts persons practice
    7 Williams burg served
    8 Patrick Henry delivered
    9 colonist chose

  • English -

    3.gardens filled
    4.tourists enjoy
    5.soldiers perform maneuvers
    10 residents called
    11 colonists renamed
    12 fancy balls, were held
    14 John D Rockefelle,Jr supported
    15 plantation is located
    16 rooms are decorated?
    17 streets are brick?
    18 trees fill?
    19 Town colorful and inviting?
    20 visit enjoyable?
    So can you check them for me please?

  • English -

    3. gardens are filled.
    4. correct
    5. maneuvers is not part of the predicate
    6. correct
    7. correct
    8. correct
    9. correct
    10. correct
    11. correct
    12. balls were held
    13. ?
    14. correct
    15. correct
    16. correct
    17. streets are
    18. correct
    19. wrong
    20. wrong

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    i dont't get 13 and 20 is 19 blossoms make

  • English -

    Yes. 19. blossoms make

    13. (almost like 1) Williamsburg was

    20. visit will be

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    thank you Ms. Sue

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    You're very welcome, Mario Garcia.

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