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Vw is bisected by xy and xz at x creating 3 angles if m< vxy= 6x-14 and m<yxz=2x+5 and m<wxz=2x-1 find the degree measures <vxy, <yxz, and <wxz

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    Draw a diagram. You see that the three named angles form a straight line, vw. Therefore, if you add them up, they must total 180°

    6x-14 + 2x+5 + 2x-1 = 180
    10x - 10 = 180
    x = 19

    Now use that value of x to evaluate the three named angles.

  • Geometry -

    (6x-14) + (2x+5) + (2x-1)=0,when x=19,6x-14 well be 6*19 -14=100,when (2x+5) well be 2*19+5=43,when(2x-1) well be 2*19-1=37.the all three angles will be 100+43+37=180.

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