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A snorkeler takes a syringe filled with 16 mL of air from the surface, where the pressure is 1.0 ATM, to an unknown depth. The volume of the air in the syringe at this depth is 7.5 mL. What Is the pressure at this depth? If the pressure increases by an additional 1 atm for every 10 m of depth, how deep is the snorkeler?

Ok so this is my answer
P1= 1.0 atm
V1= 16 mL
P2= ?
V2= 7.5 mL
P2 = P1xV1/V2
(1.0 atm)(16 mL)/7.5 mL = 2.1 atm
1 atm increase for every 10 m, I thin should be 11 m

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    I agree with both answers.

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