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child development

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• Which one of Piaget’s stages of intellectual development would the behavior described fall into?
• How would knowledge about that stage help you in resolving the situation?

Scenario #1
A child snaps two duplo blocks together and walks around making shooting sounds while pointing it at his friends. I think its Preoperational Stage.

Scenario #2
You are discussing the weather with the children in your room and ask them what would happen if they went outside when it was raining. One child says, “You would get wet” and another child says, “I wouldn’t get wet, because I always use my umbrella". The two children begin to argue about who is right.

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    You're right about the first scenario. What about the second?

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    thanks Ms. Sue. the 2nd one i think its Concrete Operational Stage?

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    You're welcome, Amy.

    Your second answer is right.

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    thanks again :)

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