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Two objects with masses of 3.00 kg and 7.00 kg are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley

(a) Determine the tension in the string.
(b) Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of each mass. .m/s2
(c) Determine the distance each mass will move in the first second of motion if both masses start from rest.

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    m1a1=T-m1g and m2a2=T-m2g are your two equations, substitute and add and you get this -->
    T= (2xm1xm2)/(m1+m2) all multiplied by 9.8 (g).

    T= (2(3.0)(7.0))/(3+7) = 4.2(9.8) = 41.16 N


    Then just plug it in to one of your original equations.

    m1a1 = T-m1g
    (3.0)a = (41.16N)-(3.0)(9.8)
    a= 3.92 m/s squared.

    C. First use equation Vf = Vi + at
    Vf = (0) + (3.92)(1)
    Vf= 3.92 m/s

    Then plug that into V(squared) = Vi(squared) + 2aX

    (3.92)squared = 0(squared) + 2 (3.92)X
    X= 1.96m

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