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1. Of the four sentence types and purposes, the sentence type and purpose used most often in expository writing is:
a. Simple
b. Compound
c. Complex
d. Compound/Complex

2. Each of the committee members is expect to be there on time.
a. noun
b. pronoun
c. verb
d. adjective
e. adverb
f. perposition
g. conjunction

  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -

    My answers are
    2. d

  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -

    You may be right for # 1, although different writers use different sentence structures.

    Which word are you supposed to identify in # 2?

  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -

    #2 IS EACH

  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -

    2. is not d. Please check a dictionary. Study the uses of each part of speech there.

  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -


  • english help!!! Correcting Grammar -

    Yes. 2b.

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