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human behavior in organization pls. need help.

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please can you help to get an answers from your own words. this is my assessment and i need tosubmit but i relly could not get the best's maybe because of my mother tongue is not an english.i would be very happy if you can help me so that i can submit.


1. Interview some managers to identify their visions for their organizations. What are those visions? Where did they come from? How successfully have they been communicated to employees, and how successfully have they been embraced by the employees?
2. Both philosophy and vision are somewhat hazy concept. How can they be made clear to employees? Why are philosophy and vision included as early elements in the organizational behavior system? Give an example of an organizational vision that you have read about or heard of.
3. Distinguish between fact premises and value premises. What are their implications for managers?
4. Consider an organization where you now work (or where you have worked). What model (paradigm) of organizational behavior does (did) your supervisor follow? Is (was) it the same as top management‟s model.
5. Discuss similarities and difference among the four models of organizational behavior.
6. What model of organizational behavior would be most appropriate in each of the following situations? (Assume that you must use the kinds of employees and supervisors currently available in your local labor market.)
a. Long-distance telephone operators in a very large office
b. Accountants with a small certified professional accounting firm
c. Food servers in a local restaurant of a prominent fast-food chain
d. Salesclerk in a large discount department store
e. Circus laborers temporarily employed to work the week that the circus is in the city
7. Discuss why the supportive and collegial models of organizational behavior are especially appropriate for use in the more affluent nations.
8. Interview a supervisor or manager to identify the model of organizational behavior that person believes in. Explain why you think that the supervisor‟s or manager‟s behavior would not reflect those beliefs.
9. Examine the trends in the models of organizational behavior as they have developed overtime a period of time. Why have the trends move in this direction?
10. Assume that a friend of yours contends that “ the collegial model is obviously „best‟ to use with all employees, or it wouldn‟t have been placed on the right side of the figure.” How would you respond

  • human behavior in organization pls. need help. -

    We HELP but we do not DO the work for you. Since this is to be in your words, only you can do the assignment.


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