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Solve this question, the resultant of two force acting at right angle to each other on a body is ten newton. If the angle between the resultant and one of the force is sixty degree, find the force.

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    Three vectors are shown in Fig. 3-32 (A = 68.0 , B = 50.0°). Their magnitudes are given in arbitrary units. Determine the sum of the three vectors.

    Figure 3-32

    (a) Give the resultant in terms of components.
    Rx =
    Ry =

    (b) What is the magnitude of the resultant?

    What is the resultant's angle above the +x axis?

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    Tow forces whose resultant is 100N are at right angle to each other.if one of them makes an angle of 30 with the resultant def.its magnitude

  • Physics -

    F = 10*Cos60 = 5 N.

    Fr = 100N.[30o].
    F = 100*Cos30 = 86.6 N.

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