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This is in regard to my earlier post about the conversation-
Thank you for all your help.Thank you for your patience too Could you recheck this?

I don't understand about who talks much-my number 10 but I think you put it at #9You said it was the brother not the person but I'm confused why it states me and then habla-doesn't "me" refer to "I" but I know habla refers to him-that's here I'm confused, I think
Doesn't this translate to the persona talking , not the brother?
Siempre me habla mucho antes de dormir.

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    It is the persona reporting when he says: He always talks to me a lot before sleeping. But the HE is not the persona speaking; it is the persona speaking about his brother. HE (as the subject) is the brother.

    Understand now? Please let me know if it is not yet clear.

    There was one question you had not answered but I'll have to go back to the other post to verify that.


  • Spanish-8th grade -

    You are absolutely correct that I DID write #9 when it WAS #10. Please go back there for the complete answer.

    When I have to scroll up and down (between the text and the question) it plays havoc with these old eyes! So Sorry.


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