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I have read prior post and my book but I can not figure out what is the connection between learning theory and mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism?

I am not even sure if the definitions I have are correct although my answers were graded and excepted.

Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism.

Mechanistic interactionism a straightforward interpretation of an individual’s interaction between his or her mind and body. Certain situations will produce matching effects on behavior. Reciprocal interactionism is more complex by more than one equal possibilities of an individual’s interaction between his or her mind and body. The behavior along with the environment will produce a general result.

Give an example of reciprocal interactionism (influences among a person, a situation, and a behavior).

An indecisive student is unable to pick a major in college. So, the student generalizes his studies. Come graduation time the student receives the degree, but is still not on a clear path for employment. The student has studied many general topics but not specialized in any. The lack of direction causes job jumping, unsteady income, and insecurities.

Provide an example of mechanistic interactionism (a trait, a situation, and the relationship between a situation and trait).

An example of mechanistic interactionism is the elderly neighbor is always moping, does not give eye contact, and rarely comes out of the house; a mechanistic interactionalism interpretation may be the neighbor is depressed.

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