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Here are some more sentences on the same theme. I hope you can have a look at them. Thank you.It's really urgent.

1)The upper stage was used as a balcony or by musicians. The inner stage was used, for example, for the Juliet’s tomb scene (can you say that???).
2)In 1588 the war with Spain started (or broke out). Elizabeth died in 1603 and with her died out the Tudor dynasty.
3)Witches had a devil’s mark or a witch’s mark to recognize themselves. (??)/as a sign of recognition (?). They used familiars as a help to do their magic.
4)The inner stage was separated from the apron stage by a curtain.

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    1) yes

    2) I'd change the word order of "with her died out the Tudor dynasty." = and the Tudor dynasty died out with her.


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