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Can you please check these sentences (and my corrections)? I urgently need them. Thank you.

1) The apron stage raised five feet from the ground (not form the floor of the theatre. /It was five feet above the ground but not It was five feet high from the ground.
2) In the yard projected a roofed stage, that was five feet above the ground, called apron stage, where most of the play (action??) took place.
3) She defeated England against its enemies. She protected England from her enemies.She encouraged (the) piracy against Spanish ships.
4) Elizabeth fought against the Spanish army. Better: the English fleet fought …She made England a seafaring and commercial power.
5) He believed witches had some features in common. He lead the army who /which fought against the Norwegians.
6) The blame is put on the King’s servants that (or who?) slept outside (also out of ???) his room.
7) She tries to wash Duncan’s blood from her hands OR to wash her hands clean (but not from her hands).

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    1) The apron stage was raised (the stage, an inanimate object, did NOT raise anything!)

    2) In the yard a roofed stage projected (word order)

    5) which or that

    6) that and NOT also out of


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